Are you a gamer who enjoys placing bets online? Well, you must have encountered the thrilling experience offered by online slots. In the casino industry, slots are termed as the most entertaining casino games as they feature virtual gaming experience, high Return to Player rates, bonus features, and thrilling specialties. NetEnt is a gaming developer that offers a wide variety of slots with high RTP. To enjoy slots supplied by NetEnt, create an account on . Additionally, the gameplay, theme, and quality of graphics are out of this world.

NetEnt's Slots RTP- Availability

NetEnt is renowned for developing outstanding slots. Unlike other developers, NetEnt ensures players can access and see the RTPs of all the featured casino games. Return to Player rates plays an important role in helping players calculate and speculate the winnings they can pocket after playing a specific slot. To see the RTP of your favourite slot, visit and check on the 'Game Information' section. The RTP rates vary from one slot to the other. Visit NetEnt Casinos to access the list of slots that offer high RTPs.

For newbies and newcomers, Return to Player rates is a common term used by game developers to illustrate the percentage of money a gamer can pocket after betting on a certain slot. If your favourite slot comes with a 97% RTP and you place 100 bets at one pound each, you can expect to pocket over 97 pounds in winnings. NetEnt has a list of slots that offer high RTPs which are arranged in alphabetical order. This makes it easy for gamers to access slots easily.

  • NetEnt slots come with an RTP that range between 93% to 98%
  • NetEnt offers you the opportunity to enjoy huge payout by developing slots with considerate RTPs

NetEnt Slots With Best Return to Player Rates

NetEnt is dedicated to offering online gamers with slots that feature exciting themes, huge payouts, easy to navigate design, and adventurous gameplay. You can find the slot that suits your gaming needs as the variety is vast. Slots with high RTPs include but not limited to; Blood Suckers slots that come with 98.0 % RTP. The Epic Viking quest for the Sword of Tullemutt is another slot that features a 98.0% RTP. Secrets of Atlantis takes third place with 97.1% RTP. Visit the NetEnt site to see the full list.

Potential Payout- Pick The Best Slot

Return to Player rates helps you to decide whether to play a particular NetEnt's slot or not. These rates indicate the total percentage of wins over the bets placed by a gamer. NetEnt offers a vast selection of games that come with a wealth of advantages. However, it can be overwhelming to select a slot from the wide range offered. Here, your decision counts. Use the filter option to get the list of slots that feature the highest RTPs. From there, check the special features offered and the likelihood of success.

Final Thoughts

Return to Player (RTP) is essential if you want to make money with online slots. Gamers create accounts with NetEnt Casinos for various reasons. While some of the players intend to enjoy the exceptional gameplay and the 3D graphics, some make moves to pocket decent winnings. In gambling, the higher the RTP, the higher the ultimate chances of winning. The bottom line, you won't find an online slot with a 100% rating. However, you can access slots with 96-98% rates at NetEnt Casinos. Enjoy your gaming.